High Country News Report: "Cashing In On Standing Rock"

In the book, I talk about the millions of dollars protesters pulled in for the NoDAPL protest, and the clear evidence of scams that even protesters themselves eventually came to recognize. Of particular note was the veterans movement, Michael Wood, and Wesley Clark, Jr.

Clark responded to my query and his response is included in the book. I spoke with a man regarding Wood and the possibility of where the money went that was supposed to go to the veterans.

There is an interesting April 13, 2018 article (cover story, in fact) in High Country News entitled "Cashing in on Standing Rock." HCN also created a detailed spreadsheet of what they found on Go Fund Me. They came up with 225 different fundraising accounts that raised more than $3,000, ultimately totalling $7,457,123.

Keep in mind, as I pointed out in the book, that that is not all of the money raised. Many protesters had individual PayPal accounts, and other crowd funding sources.

I haven't had a chance to go through the article with a fine tooth comb, but wanted to post this for readers. I'll add to this post if I see something worth pulling out and highlighting. I did notice the usual media techniques that I point out numerous times in the book in regards to how law enforcement is described, as well as the assumption that certain incidents (e.g. Wilansky's injury and the events of that night) were gospel truth according to how protesters had described them to a gullible media.