Claims Of More Fundraising Skulduggery, This Time Against The Freshet Legal Collective.

In the book, I talk about the Freshet Legal Collective, along with some other sketchy fundraising aspects of the protest. I give you totals and some interesting background on the organizations who ultimately raised millions and millions of dollars with next to no accountability. The post-protest pattern seems to be one of people taking the millions raised and using it for purposes other than what they said it would be used for (e.g. the essay in the book on Veterans Stand For Standing Rock, and where that money went), which then turns the protesters on the organizations.

They are eating their own movement, and angrily.

Let's have a look. In case this Facebook post from Ryan Vizzions (a.k.a. No Spiritual Surrender, who is mentioned in the book in regards to VSSR) is removed, I do have a complete saved copy.

It appears that Freshet will not be providing food/gas/whatever money to the families of those arrested at the protest like they had apparently promised.

I'm not sure how many people thought they'd be getting such money and how long they'd be getting it, but the protest is about a year in the past. Apparently they thought they'd get money from Freshet for...years?

For this one, I'm going to sit back, pop some popcorn, and watch. I have zero tolerance for people fundraising on lies and not following through with their promises, but I'll admit to also having very little patience for people expecting other people to send their family money because they went ahead and got arrested at a protest that was a sham in and of itself. If you have a family that relies on you for support, maybe reconsider being arrested for something like this protest. You are responsible for your family, not the bleeding heart public who clicks GoFundMe links. If you read the book, you know my opinion on perpetual victimhood.

I'm hoping that at some point, people will be less willing to give these kinds of causes money because there is so much question about funds and how they end up getting used. However, you can get rich making a bet on the gullibility of the general public, particularly a generation that has a lot of guilt and is trying to get rid of it by confessing at the First Church of Donate Money For Current Trending Causes.