Red Fawn Fallis, AIM, The FBI, And Choosing To Date An Informant.

Annie Mae Aquash was raped and murdered by AIM (American Indian Movement) members because they thought she was an FBI informant. When those responsible for Aquash's murder were finally brought to trial, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood was called to testify during Arlo Looking Cloud's trial. You should read her testimony; she watched Aquash taken from her house on her way to her death.

There were whispers about Bruce Ellison, Leonard Peltier's lawyer and friend of all things AIM, and what he knew regarding the plans to murder Aquash. Ellison pleaded the Fifth and refused to testify at the grand jury hearing. During the trial of Looking Cloud, Ellison was referred to as a "co-conspirator" in the Aquash murder.

I mention this because Red Fawn Fallis, a protester and convicted felon who was arrested for firing three shots from a gun in her pocket while law enforcement was attempting to arrest her during the protest, is related to Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. Red Fawn's lawyer is Bruce Ellison.

If you've read the book I wrote about the protest, you know that The Intercept has a "special" place in both my heart and garbage can. In the book, you can read an actual interview in which one of their writers was clearly fishing for a narrative and couldn't get it while talking to a local citizen. You'll be happy/annoyed to know that the narrative continues. A recent article in The Putincept highlights the fact that Red Fawn was in a relationship with another Native American who was also an FBI informant. The gun Red Fawn had was taken from this man, who is MHA (Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara). There's all kinds of suggestive writing that this was a Grand Massive Setup and She Was Framed blah blah blah. She might not have known he was an informant, but she chose to date him. Her choice. We know what some of those folks like to see happen to informants, if history repeats itself. I don't know why, when "their side" leaks any and all information to The Intercept (e.g. Reality Leigh Winner) and becomes an informant, they are noble, but when someone else becomes an informant to help law enforcement, they are scum. The lawlessness of this protest would have been far worse without law enforcement, and so I am grateful for informants who have the courage to be one and tell law enforcement when something bad is going down.

The Intercept article was filled with the suggestion of conspiracy and nefarious actions, the heart of which was saint Red Fawn, with halo, who was not responsible in anyway for her choice of boyfriend, her decision (as a convicted felon) to take his gun, her decision to put a loaded gun in her pocket, her decision to grapple for the gun, and her decision to have speed loaders in her pocket. Magically, these things happened without her doing, according to her supporters who now can't stop making a point that she was dating an informant, as if that somehow explains away a pistol tucked into the pocket of her tight jeans, as if she didn't know it was there and wasn't responsible for it, as if, as she stood on that protest line, she didn't feel the bulk and weight of the pistol in her pants pocket. As if, on the video as the officers, upon hearing the gun shots and leaping away in surprise as a bullet whizzes through one of the officer's pants leg and narrowly misses him, planned the whole thing.

Convicted felon in possession of a gun.

That's a serious offense on its own.

Not much mention of that in these Red Fawn articles. Instead, there is frenetic language in The Intercept article about the FBI digging for information on AIM and, in the summation of the AIM movement, absolutely no mention of the murder of Aquash; this storied connection between Red Fawn and AIM and Troy Lynn Yellow Wood really ought to have made a mention for readers who don't know that these players and this type of incident and this subsequent defense (including the actual lawyer) is nothing new under the sun. Despite attempts to paint Red Fawn as some noble martyr and the AIM connection as some kind of glorious thing, I see no saints involved then or now, and The Intercept ought to stop making it out as if they were. We're lucky that the FBI gets informants into all kinds of law-breaking and potentially violent groups, whether it is a far right or far left group

[Don't believe me? Read The Terrorist Next Door: The Militia Movement and the Radical Right].

Once again The Intercept has written some of the most ridiculous one-sided protest garbage I've seen. Activist journalism is the absolute worst, particularly when it's owned by deep pockets.

[Please read journalist Sharyl Attkisson's book The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote to get a better understanding of what's going on with propagandist "news"; you'll discover the organizations she lists in the book also helped fund and meddle in this pipeline protest.]

Also featured prominently in the article is a diagram of the protest leaders and their connections to each other, and the feigned horror and surprise that such a diagram exists despite nearly every police procedural show on TV showing people doing exactly the same thing. How is this a shock, that law enforcement would attempt to identify and find connections between the people who are working to thwart the law? They are fully aware of the history and actions of AIM and its repeat and next generation of players. They would be foolish not to chart these connections.

Protest supporters continue to claim that Morton County/North Dakota/TigerSwan/whomever else is purposely delaying her trial and denying her justice, but the truth is that her lawyer, Bruce Ellison, keeps filing motions to continue, delay, change the venue, and in all possible ways drag the legal proceedings out. I imagine it's part of his "Free _____" handbook that has given him reputation and income all those years with Peltier.

For example, Ellison's latest "Fourth Motion for Continuance of Trial and Related Filing Deadlines", which he filed on December 27, 2017, was denied.

 As U.S. District Judge Daniel L. Hovland noted in his order denying the continuation:

 "this is far from a complex criminal case. By the time the trial commences on January 29, 2018, both parties will have had more than one year to focus their attention on less than five minutes of critical activity, statements, videotapes, pictures, and other images of the sequence of events that occurred around 6 p.m. on October 27, 2016. [...] Finally...the trial of this matter will focus on the events that occurred on or near Highway 1806 on October 27, 2016, around the 6:00 pm time frame--when the Defendant, Redfawn Fallis, arrived on site riding an ATV and the subsequent arrest, search, and seizure. The trial will not concern the following subject matters that have no relevance to this particular criminal case..."

The judge then lists the bizarre attempts Ellison and company have attempted to use to derail the case, including treaties, law enforcement actions that happened in the weeks and months before the incident, other protester arrests, etc.

This is the same as Ellison trying to turn a shoplifting case into the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. It doesn't take a genius to know why he's doing it. If you want Red Fawn to get her day in court, tell her lawyer, Bruce Ellison, to stop filing motions and being a legal blowhard. Whatever date she finally stands in front of judge and jury, though, I can promise you that she, her lawyer, and her storied AIM familial relations won't be wearing a halo no matter how many articles The Intercept writers vomit out. How you can lift that bunch up to be heroes and as leaders of a new movement for the youth of the future when they saw fit to allow a young woman to be raped and murdered on the mere possibility of her being an FBI informant, I don't know.

Red Fawn Fallis will have her day in court. The evidence will be viewed, including the video, all histrionics and frenetic claims aside. End of story.


First, I recommend anyone who really wants to be "woke" to read the book American Indian MafiaWhy do I recommend that you read that?

So that in any future events where you see the same names (Tilsen, Iron Eyes, Ellison, Banks, etc.) popping up, you'll understand what kind of whack-a-mole game is really going on.

So that the next time you see this kind of B.S. about AIM and how glorious it is you'll know what they really are advocating, and start to see a pattern of action and "fundraising."

So that you recognize the same stupid celebrities who supported AIM back then showing back up now (e.g. Jane Fonda)

So that you'll recognize crappy propaganda journalism when you see it. The Intercept writer Will Parrish, in his Red Fawn article, hits all the talking points necessary to invoke the preferred imagery: civil rights, freedom, treaties, corrupt tribal government, and uranium. It's almost spellbinding to behold, this ridiculous take on what happened in 1973.

Parrish neglects to mention the rape, destruction, and terror that AIM brought to Wounded Knee, and how they destroyed the lives, property, and hopes of the people there, making his article journalism at its most propaganda-filled pathetic worst. I would expect nothing less from The Intercept.

A man named Mike Gamms put many videos and information out showing how AIM was involved in the protest. Some were hard to follow and maybe even reached a bit, but they were interesting. This is one of his images.

Regina Brave was the elderly woman who, if you read the Morton County Commissioner interview in the book, wasn't actually arrested but was removed from the camp when they cleared it, and was actually given a free big meal (Famous Daves) because she was hungry. She was treated very well, but afterwards mocked the officers and commissioners. Yet another AIM participant in the camp.

UPDATE: Red Fawn reached a plea deal, and was then arrested a few days later for violating her conditions of release at the halfway house in Fargo where she'd been staying. The cycle continues.