Morning Has Broken, And Das Trolls Are Out

There are any number of ways a person could fritter away their time on things that have no meaningful or long-lasting impact. Collecting beanie babies, for example.

Here's another one: I'm getting ready for work, it's 8 am, and I see I have a Messenger request. The majority of such requests I get are from protesters or protest supporters who want to leave a fly-by-the-night nasty message (variations of "you're a dummyhead" in PG, PG-13, R, and X varieties); in the manner of linguistic cowards, most send the ditty and then block you so you can't respond. It's become a bit funny at this point. I collect them like badges of honor and plan to use them in the future in a poem or something.

Anyway, I don't know how you started your morning, but Jarod M. Galvin started his like this:

I snickered. Bro, please. Going on the Facebook lecture circuit about people who dared leave a one-star review, sans explanation, on the Sacred Stone Camp Facebook page? Keep on keeping on.

I shared a screenshot with someone who I figured would also get a laugh out of it. She asked me who this guy was.

"Random dude with too much time on his hands," I replied.

She then told me that several others had received identical messages from this fellow, pointing out that it's not like Sacred Stone Camp was an actual business, i.e. had owners and employees that could lose jobs or be hurt financially by an accumulation of one-star reviews much like what protesters did to a long list of businesses in Bismarck and Mandan (no word on whether Jared M. Galvin sent them a digital lecture this morning for their cowardly behavior). At this point, I was standing in the kitchen, keys in hand, laughing. These hangers-on are the gift that keeps on giving, apparently for years to come.

Jarod M. Galvin continued his crusade to Change The World By Facebook Messaging.

I used to really enjoy fisking people back in my blogging heyday, but this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

This is my favorite line: "I had no idea this website or book even existed, looks like I'll need to find it in a used book store and review it." Ha ha. That's awesome on so many levels. Dude is hitting all the snarky tiny threats possible and still claiming the moral high ground. Flawless troll. I think I'm going to use that line on future book publicity because that's great copy.

Suddenly, no more response. But I did get to see screenshots of the messages he sent others, and it was a classic copy-and-paste job.

"I ought to thank him for the laugh this morning," I said to my friend.

This kind of interaction made me get out the old graphic I used to use years ago when I blogged more and came across a situation that was funny or bizarre:
"You are going to have an impossible time doing your taxes this year when figuring out how many residences you have...since you are living rent-free in so many of those people's heads," a friend said to me when I was discussing how these gnat-like folks still randomly troubled themselves to contact me.