Coming Soon: A Book About The NoDAPL Protest

There are stories about the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest that need to be preserved, and I'm not just talking about the protesters, media darlings that they were.

Since the protest camps were cleared in February and March, I've been focusing on pulling together information and gather interviews. The previous eight months had been a blur of collecting articles, building a timeline, gathering thousands of screenshots and images off of social media, and trying to connect the dots to find the complete story.

I know there are others who are writing books about the protests. There certainly have been no shortage of films and documentaries cobbled together by protesters and their supporting media.

The book I am working on will give voice not only to ideas that weren't heard, but also to people whose ability to speak was either hobbled by the media, by criminal investigations, or by the sheer lack of time due to the 24/7 nature of their job of dealing with the protest.

I believe …

Regarding Pam Hemphill's Book About The Protest, And Plagiarism.

This story will be told in greater detail in the upcoming book I am writing about the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, but I wanted to make some things public before then because of what I'm seeing said by a woman who wrote a book about the protest as well. Basically, she's calling me a liar.

Pertinent links:

Original December 2016 NoDAPL Protest websiteBook-prep NoDAPL Protest websiteTimeline started in August 2016Gallery showing my conversations, messages, and email correspondence with the woman.

No, I'm Not A Liar
First, a list:

1. I don't begrudge anyone who takes it on themselves to write a book. I have no problem with someone else writing their own book. It's hard work, and I respect people who create instead of destroy. I encourage anyone to write their story.

2. We all have a different tack, and so our own ideas, philosophies, research, and language will make each book unique and valuable in its own right. Because of the things that make each book unique and v…