Blue Like A River: Burning The Bridge Between Red And White At Standing Rock

This book is about the protest against the Dakota Access pipeline that occurred between April 2016 and February 2017 in North Dakota.

This 446-page softcover book is printed in full color inside.

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What This Book Is About My goal with this was to address some of the troubling aspects that came out of this protest, as well as provide information and facts that weren't commonly known by many people who only knew of the protest based on various media sources. Since the story of the protesters and their camp life was constantly promoted by media, this book takes a different approach, and tells the stories of people in the community who were directly affected by this protest who didn't get a chance to speak. What you read will shock you.

The book is the story of figuring out the story, and uses essays and interviews to illustrate how I tried to better understand what had really happened and what it meant for the people who live in the area near the protest as …

Morning Has Broken, And Das Trolls Are Out

There are any number of ways a person could fritter away their time on things that have no meaningful or long-lasting impact. Collecting beanie babies, for example.

Here's another one: I'm getting ready for work, it's 8 am, and I see I have a Messenger request. The majority of such requests I get are from protesters or protest supporters who want to leave a fly-by-the-night nasty message (variations of "you're a dummyhead" in PG, PG-13, R, and X varieties); in the manner of linguistic cowards, most send the ditty and then block you so you can't respond. It's become a bit funny at this point. I collect them like badges of honor and plan to use them in the future in a poem or something.

Anyway, I don't know how you started your morning, but Jarod M. Galvin started his like this:

I snickered. Bro, please. Going on the Facebook lecture circuit about people who dared leave a one-star review, sans explanation, on the Sacred Stone Camp Facebook page? Keep…

Doxxing And Internet Vigilantism.

When I was considering topics I would be writing about for the book in the essays that filled the pages between the in-person interviews, I created a list of what I considered to be key issues, varying from the concrete to the abstract.

If you've read the book, you know that I ultimately settled on the themes of language, media/journalism, activism, and community relationships. My reasoning was simple: Despite accusations I've seen since my book came out (by people who had not read the book, I might add), I had no intention of writing what I didn't know, i.e. as if I was in the protest camp or on the front line. I only wanted to write from what I knew and had experienced as a community member. It was a book about the community by the community.

The first two issues (language and media) seemed important to me because of the larger nationwide conflicts involving activism that wanted to restrict and dictate how we used language, mixed with trends in journalism that I find pro…

C.S. Hagen And The Circular File

My high school accounting teacher used to use the phrase "circular file" if you brought in late work.

"Mrs. Simon, where do you want me to hand this in at?"

She'd point to the garbage can. "Put it in the circular file."

Speaking of the circular file, let's talk about C.S. Hagen and the High Plains Reader and their latest marriage entitled "The Laney Files Blah Blah Blah."

I use the "blah" because it really is.

His article--after the event is over and people are moving on except for those for whom this protest is their sole identity, apparently--seems to be the standard-grade writing you could expect from him. I find it interesting that he, like the protesters, are still beating a dead horse a year later. They have NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT and so they keep regurgitating the same standard narratives that I outlined in the book. It's all TigerSwan and Selma all the time. High Plains Reader is one of the best papers you can p…

Claims Of More Fundraising Skulduggery, This Time Against The Freshet Legal Collective.

In the book, I talk about the Freshet Legal Collective, along with some other sketchy fundraising aspects of the protest. I give you totals and some interesting background on the organizations who ultimately raised millions and millions of dollars with next to no accountability. The post-protest pattern seems to be one of people taking the millions raised and using it for purposes other than what they said it would be used for (e.g. the essay in the book on Veterans Stand For Standing Rock, and where that money went), which then turns the protesters on the organizations.

They are eating their own movement, and angrily.

Let's have a look. In case this Facebook post from Ryan Vizzions (a.k.a. No Spiritual Surrender, who is mentioned in the book in regards to VSSR) is removed, I do have a complete saved copy.

It appears that Freshet will not be providing food/gas/whatever money to the families of those arrested at the protest like they had apparently promised.

I'm not sure how ma…

Red Fawn Fallis, AIM, The FBI, And Choosing To Date An Informant.

Annie Mae Aquash was raped and murdered by AIM (American Indian Movement) members because they thought she was an FBI informant. When those responsible for Aquash's murder were finally brought to trial, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood was called to testify during Arlo Looking Cloud's trial. You should read her testimony; she watched Aquash taken from her house on her way to her death.

There were whispers about Bruce Ellison, Leonard Peltier's lawyer and friend of all things AIM, and what he knew regarding the plans to murder Aquash. Ellison pleaded the Fifth and refused to testify at the grand jury hearing. During the trial of Looking Cloud, Ellison was referred to as a "co-conspirator" in the Aquash murder.

I mention this because Red Fawn Fallis, a protester and convicted felon who was arrested for firing three shots from a gun in her pocket while law enforcement was attempting to arrest her during the protest, is related to Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. Red Fawn's lawyer is…