Blue Like A River: Burning The Bridge Between Red And White At Standing Rock

This book is about the protest against the Dakota Access pipeline that occurred between April 2016 and February 2017 in North Dakota.

This 446-page softcover book is printed in full color inside.

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What This Book Is About My goal with this was to address some of the troubling aspects that came out of this protest, as well as provide information and facts that weren't commonly known by many people who only knew of the protest based on various media sources. Since the story of the protesters and their camp life was constantly promoted by media, this book takes a different approach, and tells the stories of people in the community who were directly affected by this protest who didn't get a chance to speak. What you read will shock you.

The book is the story of figuring out the story, and uses essays and interviews to illustrate how I tried to better understand what had really happened and what it meant for the people who live in the area near the protest as …

Jordan Chariton, Citizen Journalists, and Due Process

Journalism is vital to a healthy culture and society unless that journalism comes from the hands and microphone of a howler monkey.

I love great journalism, and one of the most distressing things I've seen in the past decade and a half is the disappearance of a non-partisan/bi-partisan local and national media. It's morphed into something that seems excessively enslaved by the restraints of advertising dollars, social media offense rage trends, internet clicks, political themes, and a generation of reporters and internet uses who think everything must be activism and all language must pass a kind of progressive litmus test. As I talk about in the book, what we have now is journalism with a cause. As a part of this, simply having access to the tools that let you speak to a large number of people seems to have become the definition of being a journalist.

Have the Facebook app on your phone? That's all you need, apparently.

You don't  need investigative skills beyond Goo…